Archeological Museum of Karpathos

The Archaeological Museum of Karpathos is located in the capital of the island, Pigadia. Housed in the west wing of the Prefect's Offices, a building complex dating back to the era of the Italian colonists, it started operating in 2005 a diachronic museum that includes exhibits from prehistoric to post-Byzantine times. The museum's exhibits are divided into three sections, depending on their time of origin.

  • Section of prehistoric times, exhibiting findings from Minoan farmhouses and Mycenaean settlements found on the island of Karpathos in the Neolithic period.
  • Section of historic times, where the visitor can admire exhibits from the Hellenistic, Classical and Roman periods from the flourishing cities of the time, Karpathos (probably today's Aperi), Arkesia, Vrykous and Potideon (Pigadia).
  • Section of Byzantine era, referring to the times from the Early Christian period to the Kornaros family era (16th century). It displays important findings from the Early Christian Basilicas of the island, as well as folklore artifacts from various settlements, such as vases and coins.