Church of Assumption of Virgin Mary (Menetes)

In the village of Menetes reigns supreme the three-aisled Basilica of the Assumption of Mary, an enduring symbol of Karpathos. The church was built in 1845, along with the churches of Agios Georgios and Agios Dimitrios.

The miraculous icon of Mary is a definite proof of the old age of the church its silver metal covering with repoussé work is considered the only relevant artifact in Karpathos until the end of the 17th century.

Equally worth admiring is the wood-carved throne of the High Priest Nikiforos, as well as the elaborate wood-carved temple. The large marble columns (4.45m high and 0.40m in diameter) inside the church were transferred from the ruins of Agia Anastasia Church in Arkasa.

The church of Menetes goes hand in hand with the fights of the island for freedom, as the Revolution of Karpathos against the Ottoman rule started from its courtyard, while later, on October 5, 1944, it was the place where the Greek flag was hoisted and the uprising for the liberation of Karpathos began.